Wound Healing


Epistem draws on considerable expertise in the epithelial biology field to provide a range of wound healing models. This knowledge originated with the research of co-founders Prof. Chris Potten and Dr. Cath Booth. Epistem maintains strong links with the academic community, collaborating with Dr. Matthew Hardman at the University of Manchester's Healing Foundation Centre. Dr. Hardman is a world-leading expert in the molecular and cellular aspects of pathological healing. This partnership enables Epistem to provide cutting-edge wound healing models and a broad and innovative service range.

Epistem's experienced team offers a range of models representing many of the complex aspects of wound healing including cell migration, proliferation, wound contraction and angiogenesis.


The work of the Healing Foundation Centre aims to advance the understanding of wound healing and tissue regeneration and is a 25 year, £10 million commitment between The Healing Foundation and the University of Manchester. As part of the centre, the work of the Hardman group is focused on the causes of delayed wound healing in the elderly, which represents a major area of unmet clinical need.

Epistem and the University of Manchester were awarded the first Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant from the Medical Research Council and the Technology Strategy Board to optimise, validate and commercialise new pre-clinical assays for wound repair.

Epistem's Wound Healing Services Include:

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