Cancer Stem Cell Assay

Epistem's cancer stem cell sphere assay can be used to assess the effect of a novel therapeutic agent on the sphere forming ability of neoplastic stem cells isolated from human tumour cell lines. Evidence suggests that tumours are derived from, and maintained by, a self-renewing subpopulation of undifferentiated stem cells which are resistant to conventional forms of chemotherapy.

Epistem's cancer stem cell assay can be used alongside xenograft models to assess the effect of novel therapeutic agents in vivo.

Cancer Stem Cell Assay Description

Cancer stem cells are identified and isolated by their cell surface markers using FACS and/or magnetic bead sorting. Isolated cells are plated in non-adherent conditions; the majority of cells die by anoikis, leaving only those with stem cell properties. The surviving cells form spheres and the effect of novel therapeutic agent on the sphere forming efficiency is quantified.

Epistem's Cell Lines:

Breast: MCF7
Ovarian: OVCAR3
Colorectal: HCT116, HT29
Glioblastoma: U87 MG
Lung: A549
Fibrosarcoma: HT 1080
Skin: MEL-526

Other cell lines can be developed on request. Contact us.

Primary Readout

  • Sphere forming efficiency

Further Readouts

  • Cell survival
  • FACS analysis of cancer stem cell markers

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