About Epistem's Contract Research Services


Our Mission

Epistem's contract research service is committed to providing reliable, innovative and transferable pre-clinical models and services to support decision making throughout the drug discovery and development pipeline.

Our History

Epistem is an established and successful global organisation with a central facility in Manchester, UK, a laboratory in Baltimore, MD and US sales offices in Massachusetts and Maryland. Founded on ground-breaking research in epithelial stem cell biology, this knowledge and expertise has been translated into a suite of pre-clinical models, assays and services. For over ten years Epistem has been providing a personalised service to a range of customers from virtual start-ups to established biotechnology enterprises, global pharmaceutical and personal care companies.

Our Team

Epistem's technical team has a wealth of experience taking novel therapeutic agents from early stage in vitro testing to clinical candidate nomination and clinical trial support. The team can assist and advise on appropriate models and plan and manage custom protocols in accordance with the study objectives. Epistem's helpful and knowledgeable project managers are on hand to provide support throughout the duration of the study.

Our Services

Epistem provides comprehensive integrated service packages across key therapeutic areas. Underpinned by world renowned knowledge of epithelial stem cell biology, Epistem has developed and expanded to provide a portfolio of relevant and translatable pre-clinical models. Epistem offers support to the drug discovery development process from basic cell work, to in vivo efficacy testing with full analytical and biomarker support enabling rapid and informed decision-making.

Our Future

Epistem continues to develop innovative and clinically relevant assays and models to support the drug discovery and development pipeline. In addition to in-house development, Epistem also collaborates with commercial partners to develop novel, state-of-the-art models. Actively participating in grant applications, supporting government initiatives and developing academic collaborations, Epistem strives to be a leader in the field of pre-clinical testing.

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Epistem's Manchester, UK facilities

Epistem's Manchester, UK facilities

Epistem's Baltimore, MD,  facilities

Epistem's Baltimore, MD,  facilities

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