Epistem’s specialist contract research services provide valuable support to drug discovery and development pipelines. Epistem’s experienced and skilled technical team are dedicated to working with you to provide custom protocols and a personalised service of the highest standard.


Target validation, novel therapeutic agent efficacy in specialised tumour models and GCLP compliant biomarker studies


Living Skin Equivalents, organ cultures and full thickness skin graft models using defined donor skin types

GI Toxicity and Mucositis

Identification of the causes of changes to epithelial regulation; extensively characterised mucositis models

Wound Healing

In vitro assays and in vivo incisional and excisional models of wounding


GLP compliant evaluation of medical countermeasures for the acute and delayed effects of radiation exposure

Hair Biomarker Platform

Pre-clinical evaluations and clinical studies with GCLP analysis using plucked hairs as a surrogate tissue


Extensively characterised in vivo IBD and CIA models and mechanistic pathways

Analytical Services

Comprehensive range of endpoint analyses including IHC, imaging, FACS, multiplex and gene expression


Epistem's Manchester facilities

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